Sustaining Neilston

SUSTAINING NEILSTON: Prosperity, lifestyle and environment

How will we live in 50 years…or even in 2030, when we’re told that things will have to have changed to keep the planet habitable? Climate change, clean energy sources and sustainable food production, caring for an ageing population, providing new kinds of jobs and training, digital everything? All too big a challenge for little places like Neilston?

By no means. Small changes by lots of people add up to big impacts. By our investment in Neilston Community Windfarm (NCW) and the resultant donation of £2m to the Neilston Windfarm Legacy Fund (NWL), we have shown that new technologies can bring benefits to communities as well as adding to the drive towards sustainable energy. For more on NCW and NWL see OUR PROJECTS.

So many issues, so many things that communities can do: taking care of our own village environment, using less plastic, growing some of our food, leaving the car at home. See GET Local for action right now. The old mantra – ‘think global, act local’ sums it up, and all the better if we can do it together.