Neilston Development Trust

Formed by local people in 2006, Neilston Development Trust (NDT) is a community-based charity serving the village and residents of Neilston. The Trust is committed to the physical, cultural, social and economic renewal and sustainability of Neilston and enjoys a national profile for its innovative work. NDT’s volunteer board sets strategic direction and develops projects, with dedicated staff who report to it on their specific areas of activity.

The Trust is controlled by local residents and aims to respond to the needs of, and benefit, the whole community of Neilston.

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NDT vision and mission

NDT’s work in the community is guided by the following vision and mission:
Our vision is for: a thriving and confident community, proud of its identity, building its future together.

Our Mission is to develop the physical, economic, cultural and human assets of Neilston:

  • by ensuring that Neilston is a successful, sustainable, well planned and well connected small town being transformed by local people in collaboration with relevant agencies.
  • by offering Neilston as a model for small town regeneration through the quality of its physical transformation, our commitment to sustainable development and our approach to community involvement and community asset development.

Strategic Priorities

The work of NDT is multi-faceted and shaped by local need and opportunity. We have identified three key strategic areas that will inform our activity:

  • Strategic Priority 1 – People: A thriving, active, informed and engaged local community
  • Strategic Priority 2 – Place: A quality, safe, sustainable and accessible environment that supports community life
  • Strategic Priority 3 – Sustaining Neilston: A robust economic and environmental future for the village

For more information on NDT’s work, approach to regeneration and our strategic priorities, follow links to the Charter, Going Places or select from below.

If you would like to find out more about our work with Neilston’s people, share ideas or suggestions, or get involved with NDT, our programmes and projects, follow the links to Get Involved, Contact Us and our Projects or contact the Outreach Manager, Laura Carswell at 0141 561 1201 or email

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